About Us

IMG_0519Ten years ago, I had this crazy idea that we should open up a store in our town of Dover, PA. So we checked into a property that was available and bought it! Now there was nothing to do but go forward. I guess it wasn’t such a crazy notion because here we are still in business and still growing.

We started out as a store that had many, many baskets and very few crafts. My how we’ve changed! We now carry a vast selection of country decor and primitive decorations for your home, inside and out. We now have not so many baskets but lots of other great things! We also change our decor with the seasons so there is always something new to see at the store.

We also offer craft classes in the store year round. We offer painting, sewing, and wool felting classes that vary throughout the year!

We are blessed with all of our friends and family who have always come to our rescue when we needed it. We have a great staff now that will help you with whatever you need and my husband in now working full time with me.

I hope you enjoy it and can some day visit us in person, I’ll look forward to it!

Brenda and Mike